The gravity of human errors

The gravity of human errors

We all make mistakes, from the moment we are born till our final breaths we all continue to make them. Sometimes it feels like we are born to make mistakes. But as everyone would tell you the wise man is he who learns from his mistake, never to repeat it again. In that case, I think you would agree with me when I say that most of don’t attain wisdom throughout our lifetimes because in retrospect we can count the numerous occasions when we have repeatedly made the same mistakes over and over again.

A motto that has been taken up

After the events of September 11, the aviation industry was thrown into an uproar and it would not be wrong to say they are still recovering from it. Even those in the business in other countries around the world such as expert aviation consulting firms are talking about its aftermath and feeling the repercussions. So how does one recover from such a tragedy and move on with life and day to day routines.

This kind of disturbance falls into the category of human distraction. And this is usually considered as an error that could have been prevented. Even though the whole industry was shaken up and they are still a little unsettled it is the duty of all members of the staff to carry on with their duties and perform them to the best of their ability. And this the message that entire nations are carrying about to help individuals sustain a sense of normalcy.

Distractions need not come only in the form of tragedies, they can be anything from phone calls to sleep deprivation to illness. Here can be all forms of distraction be it individual or mass related. And these distractions may intentionally or involuntarily distract a person’s consideration away from the main job, growing the prospective for a mishap. And some of these distractions are simply out of our control.

But despite everything that is happening around us we have to continue to do our jobs with pride and professionalism. We fulfill our responsibilities as best as we can because ultimately how we conduct ourselves in such situations reflect on who we are and what we are made of. And the best way we can rise to the top is to rise together, helping and looking out for each other, working as a team redoubling out efforts in whatever we do. Because your effort and that of your team members is what reflects the quality of an end product.

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